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User Manuals

User manuals connect the user with the technology. Whether it be a software or a machine, user manuals like installation guides, getting started guides, user guides, programming guides, configuration guides, etc., accompany the same to the customer premises. Ulricho manuals present the necessary operating knowledge in the simplest and user friendly manner to the end user, and help him to install, configure, use, and maintain the product easily and comfortably.

User Manuals

User manuals are documents that explain a software or hardware product in a user friendly language. They are the integral part of product deliverables, and explain each and every detail right from installation > getting started > configuration > usage to trouble shooting phase. They contain feature descriptions, explain various dependencies, and steps to perform various procedures. They are just like our academic books which guide us about our life and the world, the only difference being that their concentration is on a specific product.

At Ulricho, we provide following basic types of user manuals:
  • Installation Guides – for installing the product
  • Getting Started Guides – for steps and instructions to get started
  • Configuration Guides – for configuring the product as per your need
  • User Guides – for regular reference during product usage
  • Programming Guides – for reference to programming commands
  • Troubleshooting Guides – for reference to common fault/error scenarios, their root cause, and trouble shooting steps. 

Following are the salient features of Ulricho user documents:
  • User friendly language
  • Effective feature descriptions
  • Step wise procedures
  • Easy navigation
  • Illustrations with diagrams and flow charts
  • Chicago manual writing style
  • Consistent formatting across the documents
  • Well formatted, punctuated, and grammatically correct content
  • Multi-channel publishing options
  • Authoring on tools like, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, Atlassian Confluence, RoboHelp, etc.
  • Graphic editing on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Screen-captures on Snagit, Microsoft Paint, etc.
  • Diagram and flow charts on tools like Microsoft Visio, Dia, Lucid Chart, and Sangit.

Note: We also provide video illustrations for product usage.