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Articles/Press Releases

Articles and press releases, have a high importance when it comes to product marketing. Ulricho articles and white papers encompass the very essence of your product, and project the best features forward to the customer. Ulricho press releases, help you to keep your customers informed and updated about the latest developments on their favorite product or service. A continuous flow of articles/press releases is an effective customer engagement strategy.


An article is a kind of written stuff that provides knowledge about a particular topic. Thousands of online directories host millions of articles on various subjects. People read and write articles to gain and share knowledge, respectively. Articles form a very important part of an effective marketing strategy. Generally, two kinds of articles are written at Ulricho. First, the ‘direct articles’ which talk about your product directly, and second, the ‘indirect articles’ which indirectly promote your product.

Direct Articles

Direct articles have a tone that directly tells the customer on your behalf that

“Yes, we have a nice product for you sir, which contains the following wonderful features, and would help simplify your life in the following ways, our product is different from others due to these reasons…

Direct marketing articles contain your company information and all other stuff that is relevant to your product. Direct articles are very beneficial for customers who are interested in your product, and wish to learn more about it. However, to make customers interested in your product, a neutral/indirect article is required.

Indirect Articles

Articles that contain pure knowledge and help customers understand the features that they should look for in a certain product or service, definitely succeed in forming a bond of faith, which can be positively harnessed to improve your sales. Indirect articles work on the principle:

“The one with knowledge can definitely suggest/create the best product.

Todays competitive market is abuzz with product and services which claim one over the other to be the best. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the customer is cautious while buying one. He looks forward to gain knowledge that helps him question the sellers, and select the best product. It’s the very point where Ulricho articles swing into action. They assist the customer in understanding the features that meet his set of requirements. Our articles provide factual and logical explanation, thereby enabling the customer to buy the best. Every Ulricho article contains embedded links and your company info at the end. Customers looking forward to product references or suggestions click on the same and reach your website. Now it is purely your customer care expertise that holds rest of the merit.

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Press Releases

A living entity is recognized by its activity; inactiveness is interpreted as death. This very phrase stands very true for modern market. The companies that keep their customers and share holders informed about their new products, future releases for existing products, periodic financial stats, new ventures, etc., steadily build a brand value that shines brightly and stands the market competition. We at Ulricho duly understand the essence of continuous and steady flow of press releases in the market. Therefore, write most relevant and expert quality press releases, which can be shared in online or offline media sources. Ulricho media content written in a very simple, intuitive, and easy to understand language, generates interest, and reaches far and wide. Being simple to understand and interesting to share, kick starts mouth publicity which definitely has tremendous potential to take your company ahead to new horizons of financial success.

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