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Academic Content

Academic content grooms our young and budding generation. It helps them acquire elementary to expert knowledge in various subjects or domains. Academic content from Ulricho is exactly as per the prescribed syllabus and knowledge base. We explain the target concepts in the simplest and understandable language, and give visual explanation wherever required. Our experts duly provide assessment tests after every section and chapter for self-evaluation.

We offer content development services for writing text books, help guides, question papers, etc.

Text Books

We develop text books based on prescribed syllabus. Ulricho text books are always written in the simplest possible and understandable language that promotes learning. If you are an educational institution like, school, college, or a specialized coaching, and require to develop customized and branded text books, just send us your requirements, and we will provide the best of our services. Writing text books isn't a one sided task; therefore, we always look forward to your expert collaboration during the content development phase. For text books that require an elementary knowledge, we have enough resources to begin with. However, if you have some expert tasks at hand we would definitely depend on you for the knowledge base. Ulricho text books have a flawless language, clean formatting, easy navigation, perfect indexing, standard pagination, and well presented graphics. 

Help Guides

Help guides are supplementary books in addition to regular text books. They are developed keeping in mind the topics and chapters that require additional focus and further details. We go through the gaps that the text books couldn't focus on or have been deliberately left for assessment purposes and note them. Once the gaps are clarified, we develop the necessary content with the help of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). We duly provide answers to the text book assessment questions, and add further answered assessments to the help guide. Ulricho help guides have a flawless language, clean formatting, easy navigation, perfect indexing, standard pagination, and well presented graphics.

Assessment/Question Papers

Assessment papers designed according to the examination pattern come handy when students look forward to mock practice sessions in order to analyze their own preparedness and boost confidence. 
We create simple to toughest time bound assessment question papers. Every question is provided time limit according to the difficulty level. Also, we provide hints and solutions for all the questions irrespective of difficulty level.  Ulricho assessment/question papers have a flawless language, clean formatting, standard pagination, and well presented graphics.