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Ulricho Press Release Samples

Press Release Sample 1


Solid Vision Consulting Launches Business Services for All Industries

San Jose, October18, 2011— Solid vision consulting has launched business development, planning, and marketing services for all the industries. Solid Vision will provide the companies necessary support in every sphere. With good bench strength of highly skilled professionals, the company aims to boost capabilities of various growing and established industries.

Services of the company cover all industry processes regarding business consulting, marketing, and legal support. Both remote and on the ground assistance is provided to suit client’s needs in the best manner.

Solid vision consulting overcomes all operational challenges faced by the most of the industry management departments. A full range of services like web design, search engine, and media marketing is made available to the client in order to boost his online marketing strategy.
Solid vision consulting has successfully provided start-up support to various industries with batch strength of 100 to 300 employees; in the next phase the company aims to support even bigger start-ups.

A holistic and realistic approach of the company is the real key towards achieving the desired targets.
The company’s understanding and familiarity with various aspects of business growth and development has created a powerful impact among the clients.

Salient features of Solid Vision Consulting are:

  • Business Planning and Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing Services and Strategy Planning
  • Internet Marketing and Web Design Services
  • Business and Executive Coaching

The company prepares business strategies purely based on market research and analysis.
Moreover, marketing services are designed to provide a good sales base for client’s products and services. Solid Vision Consulting provides up to date marketing solutions and has integrated the concept of internet marketing and web design in accordance with the latest trends.

Through vast experience in the business field, the company has gained a valuable knowledge base. This knowledge is offered to various companies in the form of business or executive coaching.
For further information, visit:

About Solid Vision Consulting

Solid Vision Consulting is a market leader in business consulting with offices at San Jose, California, etc. The company has a good client base at Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and nationwide. Solid Vision with its wide field of expertise provides excellent startup solutions to all types of companies having strength up to 300 employees.


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Company Name: Solid Vision Consulting
Telephone Number: +408-625-1144
Fax Number: +408-625-1145
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Press Release Sample 2


Add More Strength to Engineering Products with Profile Wire Screens

Singapore, 26 September, 2011— Various types of industries that need to use screen products for engineering purposes can use profile wire screens. Companies in Singapore can benefit from the high-end profile wire screens provided by CP Screens. Start-up factories as well as established industrial units can successfully lower their expenses with the cost-effective profile wire solutions provided by CP Screens.

Industrial units in Singapore that belong to areas like oil & gas, petrochemical & refining, and food and beverage are able to add more strength to the engineering products in their factories by using screen products like profile wire screens. CP Screens serves old as well as new companies with equal quality, so that you can have a great experience while dealing with the organization.

Profile wire screens manufactured by CP Screens are available in a number of different sizes, forms and material grades. This manufacturer of screen products uses exotic nickel alloys to common type of stainless steel for the production of profile wire. While shopping for the profile wire screen of your choice, you get various options to choose from, depending upon the requirement of your industry.

CP Screens uses triangular-shaped profile wires that increase the strength of the profile wire they manufacture. Thus, the profile wire screens that you’ll order from the company will have non-plugging characteristics. For more information on profile wire, screen products and profile wire screens, visit 

More strength can be added to a large number of engineering products by the use of screen products like profile wire screens. CP Screens caters to new as well as old clients with cost-effective profile wire screens, so that start-ups as well as established companies can benefit from the profile wire products and are able to maintain the highest quality standards for their products and services.

About CP Screens Pte Ltd

CP Screens Pte Ltd. is a company located in Singapore that was incorporated last year in 2010. The company has already gained a good reputation among critical industries with the profile wire screens it provides. These screen products are designed, produced, and supplied by CP Screens to general industries, water process & treatment plants, and oil and gas refineries. 


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Company Name: CP Screens Pte Ltd
Telephone Number: +65 6861 0761
Fax Number: +65 6861 7582
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CP Screens profile wires have strengthened the Engineering products of a number of clients.
CP Screens provides cost-effective profile wire solutions for major industries like oil & gas, petrochemical & refining, and food and beverage in Singapore.  With “triangular-shaped profile wire technology” specialized profile wire screens are produced.


Press Release Sample 3

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Now Provides Best Singapore Condo with Skyline Residences and Ascentia Sky

Singapore, 17 October, 2011— The well known  has ventured  into best  Singapore Condo  properties  with the Skyline Residences  and the Ascentia Sky condo projects.

These projects are aimed at providing the best condo facilities at most affordable rates to the Singapore property buyers.  The elegant design and modern interior furnishing altogether give a magnificent look to the houses. In addition to the artistic look the condo apartments are technically equipped to provide best user experience in terms of luxury and comfort.

Besides the lease hold basis, the company also provides new launch codo properties on free hold basis in its new property launch. The Ascentia city and Skyline Residence are best offered condo’s in the latest property sale segment of the company. These properties have been launched in an endeavor to provide best affordable option to the potential buyers interested in buying the best Singapore condos.

Features of Skyline Residences:  

  1. Luxurious Free Hold Condo
    These condos provide a high level of luxury with best facilities. The place has been technically equipped to provide all the modern facilities. 
  2. Beautiful Surroundings
    The area around Skyline Residence gives a panoramic view of the beautiful environment.  The cool fresh and natural environment here definitely attracts the attention of each and everyone.
  3. Excellent Location
    Perfectly  located, it is alongside the upcoming  Telok Blangah MRT and very near to Vivocity shopping mall, Universal Studios Singapore, and Resorts World Sentosa.
  4. Best and Luxurious Interior Furnishing
    Marvelous interior furnishing with marble decorations provide a luxurious stay at this condo facility. 

Features of the Ascentia  Sky :

  1. Lifestyle Sky Gardens
    These gardens are a unique symbol of the Ascentia Sky. Besides providing an eye soothing sight, they also give us fresh air to breath-in.
  2. Beautifully Landscape with Theme Facilities
    The building is situated on a wide area which allows a number of facilities like good parking area, luxury swimming pools, sports facilities, etc.
  3. Scope of Lavish and Endless Adventure Activities
    With a lot of theme parks, sports clubs, malls, and other facilities, the place is definitely worth exploring. 
  4. Top quality finishes and fittings
    The finishing and furnishing is absolutely amazing. 

About the

The company is a leading real estate company that provides hottest property launches in Singapore.
A professional advice based on perfect market analysis is the aim of the company.It has a good presence in the Singapore Market and has a number of satisfied clients who are a testimony to the best services the company has delivered.


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Telephone Number: +65-6385 7731
Fax Number: +00-000000
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Press Release Sample 4


Malaysian Company Purple Cane Enterprise Provides Puer Tea for a Great Tea Drinking Experience

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27 September, 2011— Among the various types of tea available at Purple Cane Enterprise, Puer tea, green tea, and oolong tea provide a unique tea drinking experience to tea lovers. The company is currently offering 19 different products of Puer tea. These include Ding Ji Compressed Round Tea, 06' Zao Xiang Zhuan 7893, and A Tea-rific - Huang Jin Zhuan. For more information on Puer tea, visit

Besides selling tea, Purple Cane Enterprise regularly organizes performing arts and literary seminars, cultural activities, and various other events and exhibitions. The company is more than just an ordinary traditional outlet for sipping tea. You can buy tea leaves of your choice at this tea house and enjoy various humanistic activities such as music, dances, movies, and literature.

Nineteen green tea products are available on the website of this company that you can directly purchase from the site, and also compare prices if you want. Some of the top green tea products at Purple Cane Enterprise include Year 2011 Finest Bi Luo Chun, Purple Cane Tea 5 in 1, and Year 2011 Imperial Long Jing. For more information on green tea, visit

You can purchase 32 different products of Oolong tea from the website of the Purple Cane Enterprise. The subcategories of Oolong tea available at the company include Fujian Oolong, Wuyi Yan Tea, Chao Zhou Oolong, Taiwan Oolong. Three top oolong tea products on the website are Top 4 of Wu Yi Cliff Grown Tea, Wuyi Da Hong Pao, and Purple Cane Tea 5 in 1. For more information on Oolong tea, visit

Purple Cane Enterprise offers never before experience for tea drinkers as compared to traditional outlets that sell tea. Green tea, Puer tea, and oolong tea are some of the important varieties of tea that are available at this tea drinking outlet. You can also buy various types and brands of tea packages from its website online.

About Purple Cane Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Purple Cane Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-base company that sells Puer tea, green tea, and oolong tea. The company was established in 1987. In the same year, the company opened its first tea house with unique features. The company is exquisitely appointed and offers a favourable atmosphere for drinking tea.


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Company Name: Purple Cane Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Telephone Number: +603-2145 1200
Fax Number: +603-2145 1208
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Website address:


Press Release Sample 5


KLIA 2 Terminal to replace the LCCT within next one year

Malaysia, 16 October, 2011— The construction work at Malaysia’s ambitious low cost terminal KLIA 2 is on full swing and is expected to be opened within a year’s span.  Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had launched this state-of-the-art air transport hub in a scintillating ceremony in August 2010. Since then the terminal construction progress has been up to its expected pace to meet its dead line which is October 2012. The terminal will upgrade the airport to one of the best airports in Asia.

The existing Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang which was originally designed for the Cargo purpose will serve the same purpose after the completion of the new terminal. The official announcement regarding the LCCT’s transition to Cargo terminal was made by the Transport minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

KLIA 2 completion will attract more number of airlines with best fares for a travel to Malaysia  with its low cost and effective infrastructure. Therefore, definitely there will be a boost to the tourism Malaysia   as the terminal’s completion will provide an affordable travel to this magnificent tourist destination.  The terminal is fully equipped to handle an expected figure of 45 million passengers every year.  This terminal hence will make it easy to fly to Malaysia at affordable air fare.

KLIA 2 will incorporate a finest multi modal transportation through express rail link, buses, and taxies in order to provide fast and comfortable connectivity. Further, an upcoming KTM train link nearby is also expected to boost connectivity to the terminal. A hi-tech semi automatic baggage handling system will further enhance the visit Malaysia experience.                              
The other facilities which shall add to the existing world class environment are

  • Well equipped support zones
  • Finest in-flight and cargo complexes
  • Huge parking space with more than 6,000-vehicle capacity.
  • Best Hotel facilities

A grand shopping mall with 35,000 square meters of commercial space will also be built adjacent to the terminal building.  It will provide the visitors the best products and services which shall cater to most of their travel needs.  The passengers will be able to buy both traditional and international products as per their choice.

The 300 meter sky bridge for pedestrians is another highlight of the project which will connect the international pier to the domestic pier.  This bridge provides passengers a “walk over the air craft” feeling to the passengers as they can see the aircrafts below their feet while traversing the bridge length.

Thus the travel to Malaysia with the construction of this new low cost terminal will definitely give a marvelous experience to the passengers planning a Visit Malaysia trip.

For further information about the KLIA 2 Terminal, visit the link: http://

About the KLIA 2 Terminal

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is Malaysia's main international airport and one of the major airports in South East Asia.


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Press Release Sample 6


Heguru Now Offers Specialized Right Brain Enhancement Training at Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, October 31, 2011— Heguru-The brain transforming pioneer; after transforming the mental abilities of the Japanese children has now launched a world class baby training program for brain enhancement of children from every age group at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company’s services are well accredited by the Japanese government and have become an integral part of the Japan Aviation Academy since the year 2006.This specialized program has been ambitiously commenced to realize the real potential inside every young child at Malaysia.
 Right brain training will be imparted to children in the following three age groups

  • Elementary (Between 7 to 12 years)
  • Pre-school (Between 4 to 6 years)
  • Toddler (Between 6 months to 3 years)

Heguru’s specialized programs include both the regions of the brain, i.e., the right and left.
Right part of the brain is the least explored. During complete life span, a human being utilizes only three percent of his right brain, and the left part has maximum utilization.

Therefore, a special attention is given to right brain enhancement.Right brain though functional is also termed as unconscious brain. Reason for the same lies in the fact that the right brain memory is partially accessible in a common human being.Access to this memory resource is well available when a person is dreaming.This fact was put to a rigorous research and analysis by the duo Mrs. Ruiko Henmi and Mr. Hirotada Henmi resulting in the development of a systematically planned right brain enhancement training program.

The program is a hit among people in Malaysia, and has helped many parents brighten the future of their lovely children.

About Heguru: 

Heguru is a leader in right brain enhancement methods. Since last twenty-five years of its establishment, the company has provided specialized right brain training services all over Japan.
Their unmatched methodologies for brain memory retention and enhancement are a result of the comprehensive research by the founder Mrs. Ruiko Henmi and Mr. Hirotada Henmi in Tokyo, Japan.
Heguru has been duly recognized by the government of Japan, and its programs have found a space in the curriculum of HEGL- the renowned aviation academy of Japan.


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Company Name: Heguru
Telephone Number: +603-22872168
Fax Number: +00-0000000
Email Address:
Website address: